If you care about how a site “behaves” in your absence — namely, whether it is accessible to visitors all day or if interruptions occur — there are several simple and effective ways to check this. 

The main indicator of availability is the Uptime time , measured as a percentage of the total running time. If 100% uptime is taken as ideal accessibility, then the real one usually ranges from 99.3-99.9%. This information is usually publicly available from each hosting service provider and, as a rule, is true. However, not all so simple. 

Hosting is only one of the links in the chain.The maintenance of your site involves not only the hosting equipment, but also the communication channels of telecommunication providers, distribution centers of the data center, and many other participants in the process. And this means that to control the availability of a site it is not enough to know the uptime of the hosting – you need to take into account all factors together. 

Services control uptime web sites on the Internet – a great many. We will consider only the most famous of them, which are most convenient for the Russian-speaking user and integrated with other useful statistics services.


Metric is the most popular monitoring service in runet. In order to start using it, you need to go through several simple steps. First register on Yandex. Then add your website to the Metric at http://metrika.yandex.ru and copy the counter code to your website (to the pages you want to track, or to the header / footer / main menu – if monitoring of the entire site is required). 

After that, you can monitor the uptime of your site on the counter page in the Monitoring> Verification results menu . Want to receive SMS-notificationswhen the site will be unavailable? There is nothing easier: in the counter settings on the “General” tab, find the item “Notify me about problems with the site” and check “Subscribe to SMS-notifications” (the mobile phone number should already be associated with your account). 

Keep in mind that the check interval in the Metric is not configurable, and the frequency of requests varies from 1 to 3 hours. Read more about Yandex.Metrica features here .

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a serious web analysis tool from the global giant of the IT industry. However, it can also be used to solve local problems, such as checking a site for accessibility. By default, the platform’s functionality provides data only on user traffic, but you can add any missing functionality using extensions from independent developers. Uptime Robot , Pingdom , SiteUptime , Site24x7 and others 

are ideal for controlling the site uptime . Their only drawback is the need to register on third-party sites, as well as the fact that some of these services are paid.

However, there is another interesting (and free!) Way to set up checking a site for uptime using Google. We are talking about the built-in features of Google Docs, which allow you to connect a trigger that will access your site every minute or 5 minutes, and in the absence of a site response, send a message to e-mail. Detailed setup procedure is described here (in English).