In the modern world, the Internet plays a very significant role – in 2015, the number of Russian users of the Network grew to 84 million. Not surprisingly, the number of websites is also growing rapidly – representative offices of companies, online stores , personal blogs, personal pages and others. When creating your own website, it is important not only to build its concept and choose a memorable domain, but also to choose a reliable hosting provider.

It is no secret that when choosing any service and a company that will provide it, we often pay attention to the cost. There are a number of hosting providers providing free hosting. However, this option is suitable only for the simplest sites, since this type of hosting is limited in many key parameters and physically will not be able to properly support a powerful Internet project. In addition, such hosting will not be able to provide you with quality service – you are unlikely to be able to complain that the free service is being provided to you improperly. If your sites need start-up, but reliable hosting for their uninterrupted work, you can meet the amount of up to 250 rubles per month. More expensive tariffs assume expanded functionality and resources.

The next important parameter is the number of sites and domains that you plan to host. Modern hosting providers clearly enter into the tariffs the number of supported sites, which becomes one of the key restrictions and also affects the cost of the service.

Virtually no site now does without email service. It can be obtained as a separate service for a fee, but some providers embed mail into hosting tariffs, without overstating their cost.

A huge role in the choice of hosting is played by the quality of technical support and its efficiency – regardless of whether you are an experienced hosting user or have just recently become the owner of the site – you will probably have questions that you should be able to quickly get a comprehensive answer from a specialist. Please note – does the hosting provider indicate technical support 24/7 as its advantage, is there an “online consultant”function on the site , can you call the phone support and connect with it via your social media provider account.

Returning to the importance of the domain name for your site, it is worth noting that some hosting providers have partnerships with accredited domain registrars and provide comprehensive support for Internet projects – you can get centralized support from such companies, as well as prepare and receive all the necessary documents related to both domain and hosting, one time, which will save you time.

The final recommendation that will allow you to make a choice in favor of a reliable hosting provider is quite obvious, but relevant: pay attention to how long the company has been in existence. In recent years, the domestic market of hosting and domain name registration is replete with new players, but many of them disappear as rapidly as they appear.

The .masterhost company has been successfully operating for 20 years, holding the position of one of the market leaders. We offer professional hosting from just 210 rubles per month. On our site you will find a huge number of instructions and answers to the most common questions among hosting users, and our technical support is ready to provide clients with qualified assistance at any time when necessary. We are proud of the quality of our services and provide comprehensive support for every Internet project entrusted to us .